Gray, TN and Oxford, United Kingdom, June 8, 2012:
Invivo Molecular Imaging has a simple approach to their success – they take great care of their customers. Since launching their shared service enterprise two years ago, Invivo has quickly grown to be a leading provider of PET/CT imaging in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and now South Carolina. Their success has been built on a solid reputation for offering the latest technology together with taking good care of their customers. One of Invivo’s strongest technology allies in differentiating their PET/CT service is Mirada Medical of Oxford, England.

Invivo prides itself in first getting to know the wants and needs of each customer and customizing the best turn-key solution. The company features modern coaches equipped with the latest in high resolution PET/CT scanner technology. Quick and seamless Integration into each customer’s radiology IT systems is made possible through the latest technology from Mirada Medical.

“Mirada Medical has enabled us to quickly and painlessly integrate our advanced PET/CT service with our customers. We can easily incorporate into any workflow,” explained Alan Arp, CEO of Invivo Molecular Imaging. “We operate in a very competitive region of the country. Mirada’s advanced imaging and analysis technologies, and simple plug-and-play approach, have allowed Invivo to offer customers a superior PET/CT solution and better value.”

Mirada Medical’s XD3 software provides advanced imaging and analysis tools to help Invivo customers achieve the most out of their PET/CT images and data. Built on the validated precision of Mirada’s modality specific deformable image registration algorithms, XD3 affords the latest PET/CT image review capabilities and a comprehensive array of analytical tools to support better analysis of disease. Radiologists can read a report using an unlimited number of time points, thus allowing them to gain clearer insight into the patient’s ongoing response to treatment.

Mirada’s XD3 software also enables Invivo customers to utilize deformable registration to precisely align PET/CT and MR images, thus achieving premium performance equal to the latest dedicated PET/MR scanners costing six to seven  million dollars and found only in a few elite institutions.  Certain tumours in soft tissue and the brain can be better visualized with MR, so bringing that additional information into a PET/CT exam can be extremely valuable and cost-effective in diagnosing and staging disease.

“Invivo customers appreciate how easy Mirada’s XD3 software is to learn and use,” stated Blaine Beining, Director of Operations for Invivo Molecular Imaging. “Physicians like reading and analyzing data with XD3. The ability to customize screen layouts allows them to view images and quantitative data exactly the way they want it. We are experiencing  greater physician acceptance and confidence, and the optimized workflow Mirada helps Invivo facilitate enables them to consider more information in assessing a diagnosis in a more timely fashion. The bottom line is better patient care.”

Included in Invivo’s PET/CT customer support arsenal is Mirada Medical’s RTx radiotherapy planning tools and assessment software. The product further differentiates Invivo’s PET/CT customers by enabling  them to use PET’s metabolic data together with the spatial detail of traditional CT for a more comprehensive assessment of tumor staging and response to therapy. RTx takes full advantage of deformable registration and includes the latest in dose warping and summation, atlas based auto-contouring, deformable fusion of sequence MR, PET and SPECT and single click contour warping for rapid adaptive planning.

“We are proud to work closely with an entrepreneurial service leader like Invivo and help them set a higher standard for PET/CT for their customers,” stated Hugh Bettesworth, CEO of Mirada Medical. “Invivo takes full advantage of all the advanced features XD3 affords for differentiating their excellent PET/CT service.”

Mirada Medical will be demonstrating the latest features of their XD3 advanced imaging and analysis software, plus Casemeeting for tumor board and their new Caseaccess secure referral portal, at the annual Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting, booth 619, in Miami, Florida June 9-12.

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About Mirada Medical Ltd


Mirada Medical is a leading international brand in medical imaging. The company develops advanced software applications which help healthcare professionals use medical images more effectively and efficiently to improve cancer care. Mirada’s products are used across diagnostic radiology, molecular imaging, radiation oncology, medical oncology, tumor board and elsewhere.


The company specializes in simplifying technically complex image processing tasks, allowing clinicians to more confidently diagnose disease, assess response to treatment and plan radiation therapy or surgical intervention. Mirada’s advanced software products are available throughout the world under its own brand, and on an OEM basis through a select number of the world’s leading healthcare companies.


Mirada Medical was originally spun out of the University of Oxford. The company’s technologies and products continue to be developed by their team of specialists, engineers and world-renowned scientists at Mirada’s world headquarters in Oxford, England.


Mirada Medical, XD3, Casemeeting, Caseaccess and RTx are all trademarks of Mirada Medical Ltd.

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About Invivo Molecular Imaging

Invivo Molecular Imaging provides industry leading quality in PET/CT imaging services through state-of-the-art equipment and nationally recognized experts in the field. The company seamlessly integrates into the diagnostic imaging department of the customers they service. Their goal is to raise the bar of PET/CT imaging and exceed the expectations of patients and customers.

With over 20 years experience in PET and nuclear medicine related services, Invivo assists their customers in all areas of PET/CT service including; reimbursement, regulatory and accreditation challenges, physician and community education, and quality. They are experts in implementing a quality PET/CT service in a seamless fashion, while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Invivo Molecular Imaging helps their customers excel with today’s accepted clinical practice of oncologic imaging, as well as extend to the cutting edge of neurologic and cardiac imaging. They pride themselves in practicing the highest standards of care as set forth by the Society of Nuclear Medicine, and they are PET accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission.

Invivo’s first-hand experience in radiopharmaceuticals uniquely enables them to work with local radiopharmacys to offer their customers the latest imaging agents and protocols, as well as accommodate add-ons. Their expertise with the National Oncologic PET Registry (NOPR) helps Invivo customers stay on top of the changes in PET reimbursement.